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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Ibex Explore

Ibex Explore is very committed to corporate social responsibility. The founder and the team have a solid track record with respect to community based work and promoting sustainability (cfr next alinea). Ibex Explore works together with the NGO Yenege Tesfa in order to increase our positive impact in Northern Ethiopia.

Our organization is set up with the strong belief that Ethiopia and its people have the capacity to offer all tha is needed for a great stage race for even the most demanding cyclists.

We are committed to the involvement of local people, as the all resources can be found in the host country itself.

We also strive to engage our partner organizations, locally as well as abroad, to focus just as we do on Planet People Profit.

To ensure we walk the talk, Ibex Explore is moving forward in order to be awarded a certificate proving our commitment regarding sustainability.

As a participant, you will notice the difference in our approach by the following actions:

  • Ibex Explore engages Ethiopians to accommodate for the race and work together during this stage race event.
  • Ibex Explore proposes a new kind of business development, diversifying the way tourism can be organized and nature can be explored.
  • Ibex Explore encourages local ownership and will work together with the communities on capacity building. For example, participants of Ibex Explore will benefit from facilities such as showers and toilets during the race. In return, the communities will gain by having these improved facilities throughout the rest of the year.




Jakob (Kobe) Smits is a cosmopolitan with a passion for Africa and mountain biking.

In 2006, he cycled to Etiopia by bicycle from Antwerp (Belgium), together with his wife Lea.

They stayed in Ethiopia, where he was working for the NGO Yenege Tesfa as a consultant in capacity building. He was also a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Gondar.

In 2009, he started working at Fedasil, the Belgian agency responsible for the reception of asylum seekers. There, he joined the management and became director of the reception center in Brussels in 2012.

His implication in the developing world never faded, as he decided to make a drastic turn in his career in 2016, believing he could set up a sustainable business adding to the economic growth in Africa.

Hence, Ibex Explore was born and he designed a new mountain bike stage race in Ethiopia that combines elements of all the stage races he had taken part in so far in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and South-Africa.


Local team

The race has been carefully design with a team of local pioneers. Among them:

  • Tesfaye Sebsibe, road director and logistics
  • Demoz Alebel, mechanic and explorer


Want to care more?

Explore, experience, engage.

When you get to know Ethiopia, you recognise its potential to thrive. However, you are still confronted with the lack of opportunities so many people in the developing world face.


In order to alleviate challenges like poverty, access to education, medical aid, etc, you can help by supporting in a structural way. For instance by passing through an NGO with integrated and accepted action plans, you make sure your support will be well accepted and can truly make a difference for the ones in need.

Ibex Explore recommends the NGO Yenege Tesfa as a trustworthy partner to do so.

Yenege Tesfa


Yenege Tesfa is a NGO that has proven to make a difference. YT has been able to link all its programs in such a way that every birr (Ethiopian currency) they spend has served much more causes than just one.

Yenege Tesfa is a highly respected NGO in Ethiopia, as well by their beneficiaries, as by other social workers, politicians, university, and so on.

Extend your holiday with a tour

Ibex Explore has terrific network to get you in touch with guides with a reputation. Please contact us and we’ll bring you in contact with the right person to organise you a tailor made trip in Ethiopia.