> On 9 October 2016 the Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency. This is expected to last at least 6 months. This announcement follows months of unrest in the Amhara and Oromia regions.
This news fact, as well as the current negative travel advices for the Region, confirms that our decision (from beginning of Oct) to postpone the Explore Edition and not maintain the race in 2016, has been indeed the correct choice.


>  In September 2016, we were covered by Ondernemers.
Have a look at the double page in this Flemish magazine for entrepreneurs: With the Mountain Bike through Ethiopia.

> In August 2016, we had a nice preview in Mountain Bike, a beautiful South African MTB magazine.
Read the article now Irie in Ethiopia, Mon

Mount Yared Habesha cycling in Simien NP
Cycling in Simien NP with mount Yared on the right


> Proud to read in O2 bikers an article in Dutch as well as in French

Have a look here