The challenge

The route

On this page you’ll find the highlights of each stage, as well as critical information for riders such as distance and elevation.


Race formula

8 stages, 7 rides, 1 valley crossing

scout overviewing low lands in Simien NPThe race is spread over 8 stages, however during one stage we will try to cross the mighty Tekazze Valley. This is only possible through hiking with local guides, so this day will not count for the overall timing. Your bicycle will be transported to the other side of the valley.

Time will be registered for all other 7 stages.

This a true race, because trying to cycle hard is fun. However, it is no official race (by UCI), so find your own speed and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Routes will be available on GPS tracks. It is mandatory to follow the given tracks. A log system will be set in place too.

Time tracking

Time will be registered for stage 1 and stage 3 to 8. Stage 8 is planned to be a time trial, meaning all teams will start one by one depending of their overall position.

team climbing on mtb in Ethiopia

Team up

Participants of this race should form teams of 2 persons (male – male, female – female, of mixed team).

Why? Cycling together is fun, but also because you’ll be in very remote places with languages you don’t understand. Safety will significantly increase if you race in teams of 2 people.

If you happen to not find a team member, please contact us through email, so we could pair you up with somebody in the same situation.

All participants must be 18 year or above the day before departure.



Accomodation Tent Camp at Chennek
Overlooking the nice Mountain Heads at Simien NP

The team of Ibex Explore will facilitate your entire accomodation during the race.

More specific, Ibex Explore will provide catering from the evening before the actual start of the MTB race until the morning following last stage’s arrival.

A campsite with tents will be set up every night, except the nights where we’ve arranged hotel accommodation, i.e. in Axum, Gondar and halfway the race in Debark.

We have a local team of cooks taking care of all meals and refreshments.

Furthermore, you can count on a bike cleaning service, mechanical support, professional sport masseuses and medical care.

Obviously, through local and licensed tourist guides, together with scouts, we assure safety on the road and in the places we’ll pass.

Ready to be a pioneer? Join here!